The Well That Never Runs Dry.

2019!! I cannot get “Take the Limits off” out of my head and heart! I believe it so much my most recent confession for this week has been, “Lord you are the well that never runs dry!” He literally has everything we need!

I was thinking the other day. I wonder how much we limit God by trying to do everything by ourselves, in our own strength? Or how much we limit God by how much we depend on others to fulfill our needs or voids? I know I’ve seen it personally in my life.

When my husband and I first got married he was working 3 jobs and I was working a part-time job while finishing school. Even with 4 incomes in the house, we were still barely making it! Barely. I look back now, and I really think God was saying “Okay, you want to do it on your own? Go right ahead!” It was hard. Hard to be in and hard to watch. We missed a lot of time together and My husband NEVER slept. We absolutely did what we felt we needed to do, but I think a lot of our drive was pride driven (not wanting to have to ask family for anything) instead of allowing God to be God.

Just recently, Melvin was still working two jobs to my one all while going to bible college. With a new baby on the way, of course, our mindsets were, “The more money we make, the better off we’ll be.” Fine? Not fine. With all the go-getting and still missing each other there was an unrest individually and collectively that forced us to really stop, and FINALLY ask God what he thought before moving forward.

We went on about our lives, ears to heaven, and we both felt like God was pushing Melvin to only work one job. I know it was God because we were thinking the total opposite.

“Um God…are you sure?

He was so serious. Melvin put in his two weeks notice at one of his jobs and our lives, no pun intended, have been richer ever since. I’m not kidding Y’all. We haven’t missed a bill and are actually able to save a little more. We have SO much more time together and Melvin is so much happier and at peace. Not to mention our baby shower completely surpassed all of our expectations and people are still giving. A lady from my church even came to ask us if she could throw us another one? What God? Amazed.

Now don’t go telling people that Annette told you to quit your job and wander around aimlessly. The bible tells us in Matthew 6:33, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” With that being said, I encourage you to ask God to search your heart to find that thing or things that you’re having a hard time letting him have. When you open your hands and give it to him, you make room for him to drop something in your hands. You can’t receive anything with a closed fist. Open them up to him. Allow him to be the well in your life that literally never runs dry.

My example was finances and letting go of pride. Yours may be needing more time, healing, love, healthy relationships, peace, joy, or patience. To that I say, whatever it is, it’s in the well!


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  1. vrarnolds says:

    God is so good! He never ceases to amaze! I’m so happy and proud of you two!❤


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