A Sunday Morning Prayer

Dear Jesus,

Thank you so much for waking us up this morning to see another bright and sunny day. Thank you for the activity of our limbs and well being of our bodies. Lord help us to never take health for granted, for we know that is not the case for everyone. We pray for a jump start to our week. Lord let your will be done in us. Bless our families. Protect them in all of their ways. Be with us on our jobs Lord. Let everything we touch and put our minds to proper. God favor us. Place us in divine connections and situations that only you oh God could have planned. Help us in our finances Jesus. Give us financial discipline this week. Allow us to live out of an overflow of the abundance you have given to us. Protect us God. Watch over our homes, cars, and families. Lord I pray that you help us to press our way into our churches today. Help us to find your presence there. I lift up all church leadership, allow your word to go forth and pierce us like a double edged sword. Let the lost be found today. Prick our hearts and allow us to become better people Lord. Give us rest today, love, and laughter with our loved ones. Let this week be a highlight to all you have planned for us this year. Give us a desire to spend more time with you and in your word. Make our purpose plain to us Jesus. Have you way in us, and use us anyway you see fit to bless your people. We love you God, and we give you all the glory, honor, and praise. In Jesus’ name we pray.



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