Mask Off

unmasking series
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This is by far the most difficult blog I have written to date. But it has to be done. God has ever so slowly revealed this specific idea to me, and I believe I have all the pieces now. I’ve never completely told my testimony, and why I am so passionate about Jesus and in awe of him. I felt led to really expound upon my journey, and why I feel that encouraging and empowering others is one of my callings and passions of life. I have a heart of people and their pain because I’ve been through a lot in my life. This will be an overview, as I haven’t fully been released to give detail to detail. My hope is that you see me unmasked. That you see me as a person who goes through life just the same as you. That you are inspired, and that you understand why I ever live to uplift the people of God.

I guess we will begin with my childhood! I was born into a married household, but raised in a single parent household after my parents divorced. We did live in a shelter for a little while until my mom was able to find a place for us. We lived in the projects for years in Mobile, AL, my hometown until we moved into a house. I honestly enjoyed staying there. My mom made it feel like a mansion! We had stairs, so I really thought we were rich! lol We had fun as kids. We traveled all the time and was involved in a lot of extra curricular activities. Even in all the fun I had with my sisters there were some situations in my life, as we all have, that really have molded me into the person I am today!

Our dad was always in our lives, however he was on drugs for the majority of it. So we experienced most of the pain and hard times associated with having a parent with an addiction. I can say now, with thanks to God, that my daddy is clean! (*praise break*). My dad is such a great person and very smart. I have learned so much about life just being with him. It wasn’t always pretty, but God gets the glory, and has worked all things together for our good!

As a preteen into my teen years, I was sexually harassed by a few men in my family. I never told my parents until recently, when I was ready. I was involved in some incestuous sexual acts that I honestly hated, but was exposed to it at such a young age I never knew how to stand up for myself until I was in middle school when I stopped it. Because of all of this, it opened up a snow ball affect of masturbation and watching porn. Which then turned into severely low self esteem, shame, and self-disgust. This is the main reason why my husband and I waited so long to have sex. Yes I wanted to honor God with my body, but I was trapped by my past, and was extremely uncomfortable with intimacy of any kind. I bless God that I’m free from all of that now and that he blessed me with a patient, understanding, and loving young man who is now my husband! (Heeeeyy boooo!)

My high school years were better, other than I was still really insecure and hid that through sports because I was really good at it. It gave me an outlet. I was very rough and tom-boyish and had several conversions with my mom and dad about taking more pride in my appearance. I finally listened and I was really into all things hair, make-up, and nails! I got to college and had THE TIME OF MY LIFE! My first few years, up until my second semester junior year I partied until my hearts content, still making honor roll every semester. It was fun while it lasted. Then God started showing me the real reason why I was drinking so much and smoking weed here and there. I was suppressing everything! Yes I was the life of the party, but I was tore up on the inside y’all!! God saved me from so many car accidents, wrong place at the wrong time situations, fights, and dangerous areas! Jesus!! Thank you!!

Right before I fully made the decision to surrender my life to God I went through some bad depression for about a year. I had dealt with the spirit of depression on an off since I was young, but this time almost drove me insane. I remember it getting so bad I called my parents on three-way and told them I wanted to kill myself and they talked me off the ledge. I bless God that they didn’t judge me, or fuss at me. They listened to their hurting daughter and prayed for me. They spoke to me with love and even told me some of their struggles that mirrored mine. That comforted me to know I wasn’t alone.

My second semester junior year is when I made the decision to get my life together and really start building my relationship with Christ. I was steal battling depression, but I so desperately wanted him to take the messed up me and make me whole again. He’s still working on me day by day. So when I get on here and encourage y’all it’s not just something I heard or something I read, It’s what I know to be true! You are never to far down for God to reach down and grab you out of a pit! He grabbed me, and he grabs me everyday! There is so much more I could tell you about, showing God’s goodness, but i’ll leave it here for now!

God really changed my life. He made me a new person. I love who I am, and who I’m becoming! I was nervous to tell my story, but now can I live a life poured out for Christ with a mask on? God loves my flaws! He loves yours too. It brings me to a song by Kierra Sheard called “Flaws”. I pray this has blessed you in some way! I don’t mind if you all share this, it’s all for God’s glory. Check out that song when you get a chance!

Until next time.

I love y’all

❤ Annette D.


  1. I love you little cuz! You are one brave young woman. May God use you in the lives of those who have travel a similar road. I can’t say i have ever went through these situation, but i do get depressed and deal with anxiety. If it wasn’t for my love of Jesus where would i be??? Keep on trusting in Him who loves us unconditionally. You are an awesome disciple for Jesus. We can’t help other, if we don’t have a testimony! I love you Annette, Jr. one day i will have to tell you about your grandmother…she loved the Lord! She was my best friend!💗💋

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  2. Praise God that Jesus makes all things new! In Revelations 12:11 it says “but they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. “
    Him above is the devil. We are overcomers through the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed for our sins, and by the testimony we share about how Jesus changed our lives. Praise God for that life changing testimony, Annette❣️🙏

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  3. There’s freedom in transparency! You’ve encouraged so many people by your story sis, and allowing God to use your truths to be bring glory to his name. So proud of you! Love you so much❤️

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  4. You’re so strong sis! I love you so much and I know this was a touchy subject to talk about but God saw you through it and this post right here has inspired so many people to UNMASK and tell their story! I love you for the person you are and is becoming! Such an inspiration!


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