An Open Letter to my MeMe


Dear Grandma,

Firstly, I miss you and I think of you often as if it hasn’t been two years from this day since you were granted your wings.  I have so many fond memories with you, every time I think about you I just smile. I remember your presence so vividly. You were so classy, a lady at all times. Your smile lit up a room, and you made every one around you feel welcomed and needed. You took pride in the way you looked and presented yourself. You would do your make and put on nice clothes. I remember you picking me up from school everyday and you would let me read to you. Whether it was a new chapter book I was into, something for school, or even a poem or story I wrote. You listened to me. I’ll never forget that. You help grow my love of literature and writing, as I would often see you doing the same. You made learning and being professional look fun! Thank you!


I remember you having so many meetings lol. You were always involved in something! You served your church, community, and family. You lived a life poured out for others, even in your career as a registered  nurse. Some of that selflessness got onto your observant granddaughter…me. I watched you MeMe. The way you carried yourself and how loving you were. It inspired me to live a life of love and to love the life I live. You got us (all of your grandchildren) involved in everything. It made us well rounded. Dance, sports, junior daughters, praise dance team…the list goes on.You kept us busy and out of harms way. Thank you!





You spoke life into us. Because of you I know I am “Wonderful, beautiful, and intelligent.” You made us say it everyday! You celebrated our successes and you helped us dust off our knees when we fell. You were THE BEST grandma. I can’t say it enough. You taught me so much! I could write all day. I watched you love Pop-Pop. I was inspired my the way you catered to him. Before we ate you always made us help you fix granddaddy’s food, set up his table, and serve him. No matter what you fixed him we couldn’t forget  to bring him that hot sauce! lol If I’m half the wife you were, I’m on to something!


We had so much fun with you and the memories are never ending. I just wanted to write to you to tell you how much you are not forgotten and how much of a gift you were to all you came into contact with. I’m proud to be your granddaughter! Thank you for giving me a solid foundation in church and in knowing God. You are my forever inspiration and I love you! Thank you for accepting as I was in every phase life. You listened and would lend advice only when led. I remember calling you when I was in summer semester in OT school crying my eyes out saying I was going to change my major. You didn’t panic you just calmly said “Ok, pray about it.” I called back some hours later to let you know I was going to stick with it, and you said, “Good! I was hoping you would.” I could hear your smile on the phone. Your prayers covered me and kept me from a lot of danger I should have been in.

Rest well! You deserve it! Give Pop a kiss for me. I miss him too!


I love you,


xoxo ❤






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  1. Rodrick Holloman says:

    Beautiful suh just beautiful thanks for sharing such a intimate part of your life with us !

    May they rest in peace !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Annette D. says:

      Rod! You are so sweet! Thanks for checking it out! I know they are both living it up with Jesus!


  2. Cheryl Kerwood says:

    What a wonderful tribute to your MeMe❣️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Derrick Tinsley says:

    Thank you Annette, I talk with her every day, she taught me so many lessons in life, spirituality, and services best friend ever, who happened to be my Mom as well. Both Mom and Dad were truly a priceless gift from God in all our lives..GRATEFUL you and Katt got an opportunity to spend time with them both. Love ya, so very proud of you


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