To: My Freedom Group Family!


So I had what I thought was this great idea for my next post. I was going to talk about the goals I wanted to set for 2018 and how I wanted to accomplish them. I may still do that, whether it be on here or in my personal time. I believe that having a plan is wonderful. However, I met with one of my favorite group of ladies tonight and they really inspired me to come home and write this. I want to dedicate this one to them.

I’ve posted a while back about how I had joined a small group through a church I was attending and how excited I was about it. I even went into detail about some of our first lessons, and how amazing and life changing they were for me. If you haven’t read it, you can check out this link. Stay Woke! (Part 1) I never actually got a chance to write the Part 2 to that, and I really think I should. Part 1 was so eye-opening! Anyhow! The small group was for twelve weeks and at the end we are going to have a closing retreat that I’m excited for. We have completed the small group and the retreat was rescheduled due to the snow, but tonight we met to discuss where we were when we first started the group, and how God transformed, and is still transforming our lives. It was so exhilarating to hear and witness how God is moving. There were testimonies about new jobs, restored relationships, and self discovery. I mean it was really awesome!

What stood out to me the most is that when we, the group members, were done spilling the beans on all the blessings we had received, our group leaders gave us some insight into how the group has helped them. I really appreciated and needed to hear their take on things. We rarely ever hear from the perspective of leadership, especially in churches. I think sometimes people believe their only job is to help others and place themselves and their needs on the back burner. When in actuality sharing their lives and their experiences is so inspirational! Our group leaders have experienced a lot of life and they were dropping some super seeds of wisdom and I was picking them all up! I’ve learned that it’s OK not to know everything, and when you are in the presence of wisdom take heed.

They mentioned a few things, but there were two things that really stuck out to me and that I believe will continue to help me throughout my life. One was the importance of time and relationships. Man. I could just write a post on that alone! Phew. One of my leaders compared this to the story in the bible of Mary and Martha.  I’ll link the verses to that story here. In a nutshell though, Jesus and his disciples were traveling and Martha opened up her home to them. She got upset because she was running around trying to “prepare” everything for Jesus, but her sister Mary just sat with Jesus and talked with Him. Being in the moment and in relationship with the Savior of our lives was the most important thing at that time, and Martha couldn’t see that. She was so caught up with life that she didn’t realize that a special time was at hand that she missed. That leads me to the first thing I’m going to do more of this year and that is spend more time in relationship and with the people and things that are REALLY important. I’m not going to let that slip by me. You cannot get time back, or people. So let’s refocus and prioritize. Less important things can wait!

The other point that spoke to me is going with the flow! I most certainly need some more of that in my life. It’s alright not to have every detail of your life planned out and although frightening, it’s more fun that way! Being in relationship with Jesus, we must know his plan and planning is perfect. He wouldn’t hold any good thing from us and most of all he cares for us and has our back. So this year I want to let go, and allow God to work out his perfect plan in my life, and honestly things are already in the works! (deets to come! ;))

I just want to thank my Freedom sisters for listening, not judging, being there for me, helping me wipe my tears, and celebrate my successes! It was a true honor and pleasure to meet all of you, and I look forward to staying connected to you all! See you at the retreat! I’m ready to set it all free!

To my lovely leaders! You women are literally AMAZING, and God so placed us in each other’s lives at just the right time! Sandy, Cheryl, Denise, and Tina thank you for covering me, thinking of me, checking in, keeping it real, speaking life over me, feeding me lol, and loving me right where I am! God promised to give of us leaders and pastors after his own heart and that he did! You guys have made a mark on my life and I look forward to what the future holds!

To 2017 GOOD RIDDANCE lol. Just kidding I learned A LOT. But 2018 God is trading me beauty for ashes and I can’t wait!


Annette D. ❤



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  1. Derrick Tinsley says:

    Impressive.. so very proud of you. You are teaching me right now..right where I am at 58. Lessons well learned in you life my daughter, mom trained you up right..i see her hand all over you..grateful to God for two AMAZING daughters. Love you..


  2. Cheryl Kerwood says:

    Thank you so much for your kind, loving and encouraging words. It is a blessing to have you in our Freedom group and to be able to serve you; not just serve you for now but ongoing. We are friends and fellow believers in Christ. We are forever bound by the love He showed when He gave His life for us while we were still sinners so we could be forgiven by believing and calling on His name. (Romans 5:8 paraphrased by me)
    You shall know the truth and the truth will set you FREE. (John 8:32)
    Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. (I Peter 4:8)


    1. Annette D. says:

      Thank youuuu!! So blessed to have met y’all!


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