The Unplugged Series

“Yeah I believe, I believe.
But its a dream that I ain’t seen yet.
Chasing a dream that I ain’t dreamed yet,
But I’mma meet it halfway if I keep on walking, walking, walking, if I keep on walking,
Yeah I know it when I see it walking, walking when I see it walking.”

-“Walking Shoes” by Mali Music

Wow. Where to begin? It’s been about two months, give or take, since my last post. It started from my husband and I moving into our new apartment and trying to get situated with that, to life happening and me grieving the death of my grandfather. Also, being a little impatient and frustrated with God, to a point of taking me away from writing. I mean I think about my blog everyday, but didn’t really know how to formulate into words how I was feeling. This caused me to question a lot, and in so doing, I logged out of all of my social media accounts to just get some peace! You ever get to that point? When you are just like, “I don’t want to hear from, or about anything or anybody who will take my attention off of Jesus.” That’s why I entitled this upcoming series, “The Unplugged Series”, because sometimes social media can force you into a mindset that if you don’t have a thousand likes or views on a picture or post that you aren’t successful or accepted. When in actuality, we are all accepted by Christ. And in my case the success of my blog comes from simply obeying God, and giving my gift and passion for writing back to Him. I felt God challenging me to get back to writing for the love of it, and not for the accolades. So for a stent of time, I’ll be posting with no pubbing on any social media platform, and whoever reads it reads it, and whoever doesn’t doesn’t. I’m going to post once a week (preferably every Thursday). I never want my desire to share my life and my relationship with God to spiral into something that is not of him. I want to share real things that I go through. I want to be as transparent as I can. I want God to get all the glory for my life, and I want to encourage others along the way. I want share the diary of my journey. The good, bad, ugly, indifferent, and unplugged. I pray it blesses you.


Annette D.

P.S. You should totally check out the song I quoted above. Mali Music is an amazing artist in general, but this song completely speaks to where I am in my life right now, which I will get into next week. Close your eyes and listen to the words, it’s bomb! I think we can all relate in some way. Click here to check it out!

P.S.S I’m so glad to be back, and better everyday! I missed you all so much and I’ve missed sharing with you! XOXOXO!



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