Shake the Dust From Your Feet as You Leave


I LOVE THAT VERSE!! WHEW! Gosh…God is really changing up the pace on my blog. I started out doing so many of my blogs based solely on the idea of encouragement. That was my lane. I wanted to encourage the people of God and in so doing, encourage myself so we wouldn’t throw in the towel so easily and continue to fight on. I wanted to uplift those broken in spirit and show them that there is a God who cares for even the smallest things in their life that they may have thought no one cared about. God does! However, now I can feel him transitioning me from not only encouraging people with the word of God, but also with my life. By sharing some of the things that I go through, my prayer is that it heals, inspires, or encourages someone else. I believe that the desired outcome is the same, but I have been noticing that He has been trying to reach that goal via a different lane. One that is a little uncomfortable for me, if I can be honest, but more relatable and transparent. After all, this was what he wanted this blog to be…me sharing parts of my journey, in the hopes of enlightening, providing a fresh perspective, or simply to encourage someone.

So this week my feelings have been a little hurt, as God has been showing me the true nature of people’s character that surrounds me. I don’t want to go into explicit detail just yet, as I am still in the thick of it, but I figured I would share the meat of it, and the part that blessed me. So I don’t know if anyone is like me or not but I am loyal to a fault. I will stick with you (maybe not close to you), but  I tend to be there for those in my life right, wrong, or indifferent. Not because I’m so great and holy but because that’s the model and example I have received through Jesus. He sticks with us and loves us unconditionally when we are right and when we are wrong. We may not be able to sense his presence as much when we veer off into foolishness but it’s because WE have moved, NOT HIM. Okayyy, stick with me here, I promise I’m going somewhere. So lately because of my willingness to look beyond my faults and others, I’ve considered staying in a situation to appease the population, when I KNOW God is calling me higher. He’s calling me somewhere else. Where I am now… where YOU are now is not your stopping point. Sometimes God has to show us the ugly truth in our situation or even the people around us, because HE KNOWS that if he doesn’t show us what’s REALLY going on behind the scene, WE WILL STAY WHERE HE HAS NOT CALLED US TO STAY! JESUS!! 

As the children of God, we must be sensitive to our heavenly Father’s voice. And sometimes when a situation is REAL good our eyes are glazed over and our ears are muffled. Because God knows us so well he knows this about his children, so in order to wake us up from the daze, and the day dream, he has to show us the ugly truth about that situation, or that friend, or that group of people, or your co-workers. He’s not trying to hurt your feelings, he’s trying to bring you to safety in Him and keep you in the will of God. He has to allow the mask to be taken off so that you will PREFER what he has promised you over your current situation. Am I getting to deep right now??? This is my life. This is where I am…

I am in this situation and when I first got there it was GREAT. Nothing was better. I enjoyed the people, I enjoyed the “friendships”, I enjoyed the freedom, I enjoyed it. I really did. I won’t knock the fact that I have learned SO MUCH. I have added many new tools to my toolkit of life that I would have never received had I not been where I am now. I would even tell myself, “well I know God is telling me to go here, but I like this so I’m just going to stay right here.” Why do we fall for that? Why do we settle for the halfway friends, or the less that fulfilling conversation? Why do we fall for the lesser pay, or the fraudulent feeling of flattery? Lord! Why? It might look good or feel good, but you KNOW in your heart of hearts, this is not the end for you, and I knew it wasn’t for me. So God started revealing to me people’s real personalities, and feelings towards myself and others. He showed the cracks in the road, so I can be shifted enough to get out, and go get what He promised me in the beginning.

I’ve said of this to say…don’t get in your feelings when God shows you the ugly truth. Instead, REJOICE like our opening verse said in Matthew 5:11-12. Don’t get sad when they laugh in your face, and talk behind your back. Don’t get angry when you notice certain people treat you different when others are around. Don’t feel less than when you are forced to be alone and outcasted. God is pushing you to your destiny, because he knows we wouldn’t leave the “comfortable” place otherwise. Take all that you have learned, and do as Matthew 10:14 tells us, “If any household or town refuses to welcome you or listen to your message, shake its dust from your feet as you leave.” Dust your feet off at the door as you leave!! The best is still yet to come for us!

Jesus, I hoped this helped SOMEBODY. God bless you all.

With love,

Annette D.




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  1. Ashley says:

    Shake the dust off my feet at the door!!!! I love it sis!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Annette D. says:

      Lol it’s real life! Thanks sis❤❤


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